No opera festival without volunteers!

Volunteers are the hub in the opera festival’s wheels and ensure that the public has a safe and pleasant experience.

As a volunteer, you will experience most of what is being offered, and you are a part of creating something fantastic.  You will wear a unique uniform, be part of an exciting and informative atmosphere, get free food while on the job and especially – be invited to a volunteer party later in the summer.

The goal is to have fun.  We work hard to make sure volunteers have a positive experience and are left with good memories after spending the weekend with us.  Your reward is a good atmosphere, colleagues and music.  Sign up as a volunteer today.



ADHOC – The “Everything” People

This group works before, during and after the festival. If you are in this group it means that you will be working anywhere.  If we need extra help with anything this is the group we call on.  The jobs are therefore very varied and we can promise that you won’t be sitting still!  It would be best if you have a drivers license, even better – an extended drivers license – and that you are not afraid of hard work.


Accreditation – Here you register all the accredited attendees such as the media, guests and collaborators.  You will distribute entrance passes, give information and help wherever you are needed.  Any jobs in accreditation will mainly take place during the festival.



This group will rig most of the festival’s infrastructure.  You’ll need to enjoy hard work and a sweaty brow.  Among other things, you will: help set up the fencing around the festival venues, hang privacy curtains, rig stages, large tents, sound equipment, place mats to protect the grass, rig sales-booth tents and set up benches and tables in the public areas. Drivers with multi-class licenses are a bonus.


If you have a license to drive a forklift, you will also help move pallets, fences, barricades, toilets, urinals, bars, security materials and other equipment.  We are looking for people with a good attitude who can work independently as well as with a team.  It is especially important to keep an eye out for the overall clean appearance of the festival grounds, and that the area is also safe and welcoming to the public.



Could you picture yourself being involved from the time an artist arrives in Hadeland until they walk on stage?  Help organize what needs to be done after the artist is finished performing on stage?  If so, the job as Host could be one for you.  Your day will consist of helping with all the small details that make the artists workday pleasant and the concert a success.  Some examples of the job are: dealing with food, drin or snacks,; ensuring towels and drinks are in place before the artist goes on stage, and clothes laundering.  Another important job could be informing artists of entertaining activities in and around Røykenvik that could be fun during downtime.  The right person for this position is independent and good at problem solving.  Sometimes quick decisions will have to be made so a person who doesn’t get easily stressed would be preferable.  This job will give you good insight into what happens before and after a concert.  Don’t apply just to meet your favourite artist – this is a challenging, responsible position requiring a professional attitude.



As a volunteer in service you are one of the many faces of the festival to the guests, and are expected to spend much of your time smiling and being pleasant. We will be responsible for selling thirst-quenching drinks to our guests as quickly and efficiently as possible and as correctly and responsibly as possible.  In this area we need good-natured, tolerant, calm people – anyone can learn this, and most people find it very enjoyable.



This area  is the festival’s outward impression – the first face the public sees when they arrive at the festival grounds.  It is a must to be pleasant and service-minded.  Your main task will be to trade advance purchased tickets for festival entrance ID and to sell tickets and festival passes at the door.



You will meet the volunteers as they arrive at the festival for the first time.  You show them to their posts and keep everyone’s assignments organized.  This is the job for you if you are service-minded, keep a smile on your face and are precise.


RUNNERS  (18 years minimum age requirement)

You will need a driver’s license.  You will be needed before, during and after the festival.  Jobs include setting up a mobile storage at the arena, picking up of back-stage furniture, driving food and general delivery of stuff needed from other areas.



This is the best volunteer job!  You get to wander around the whole festival grounds and have the opportunity to enjoy a lot of the music.  We keep the grounds as tidy as possible before, during and after concerts.  We’ll exchange bags in containers, pick up litter off the ground, replenish paper and hand sanitizer in the bathrooms (no washing required) and pick up garbage from places like the volunteer hub, media office, back-stage and other facilities.  There is no age limit for this volunteer position.  No experience needed – you will receive full training.  It’s a pleasant fun job where it is important to be service-minded.



This is the absolute nicest position to be in!  You are who makes sure the other volunteers are happy.  You give them coffee, candy, hugs or bandaids!  You could be needed before, during and after the festival.  If you like to be the sunshine in others’ lives, this is the group for you.