6:30 PM

«Opera Gourmet»

A soul-nurturing natural experience!

Beautiful melodies, strong emotions and intense arias combine with food made with local ingredients, served in the unique environment of a barn at Øvre Næss in Røykenvik.  Gourmet singers, gourmet pianists and gourmet kitchen.  Gunda Maria Bruce (soprano), Svein Erik Sagbråten (Tenor), and pianists Kristin Fyrand Mikkelsen and Gunnar Flagstad will treat you to an unforgettable and unique opera experience.

The evening begins with a glass of Operafest Rosé made with apples from Røykenvik and raspberries from Kjos.  The bubbles are created using the traditional method used in Champagne, France.  You will be guided through the menu by guest chef Alexander Nussbaum.  Alexander is a unique chef, whose passion is working his magic with local ingredients

The menu will be paired with various sumptuous beverages.  You can choose to purchase the wine package or local non-alcoholic options.  We look forward to providing a tantalizing experience for all the senses  “Hemlaga at Næss” bids you a hearty welcome!

Venue: The Barn at Øvre Næss, Røykenvik.


6:00 PM



The ladies choir “ Caldera” is performing in this beautiful stone church from the middle ages.  The choir consists of women from 29 to 60 years of age.  The repertoire of this beautiful ladies choir ranges fro Nystedt to Ramstein, and they take all the genres seriously! Their goal is to give the public a little “something extra” in the form of a touching lyric or a surprise!

The choir director, Anne-Britt Henriksen has guided the choir to international gold level the last few years.  They have received many awards from international competitions.  Prepare yourself to bathe in euphony!

Venue: Nicolai Kirken (Nicolai Church), Granavollen.

9:00 PM



Eli Kristin Hanssveen and Knut Anders Sørum join forces in a spectacular crossover concert, where classical music, sympony orchestra, rock and soul meet on Halvdan Svarte’s floating stage on Ransfjord Lake.  Queen, Puccini and Pink Floyd are a few examples of their repertoire.

Venue: Halvdan Svarte

After this concert there will be an afterparty in the festival area until midnight with local food and drinks. (FREE ADMISSION)


12:00 Noon

«Til Eva»


A concert program created and performed by Isa Katharina Gericke (soprano) and Christian Ihle Hadland (piano).

“EVA” Sars Nansen was a Norwegian Mezzo Soprano married to the polar explorer Fridtjof Nansen.  She was internationally renowned and filled concert halls both home and abroad.  She often hosted musical evenings in her home, where artists such as Bjørnson, Vinje, Asbjørnsen, Bull and Greig would meet for good food, music and conversation.  This renowned program is based on letters exchanged between Eva and her husband.  “To Eva”

Venue: Nicolai Church, Granavollen

1:15 PM


Liv Blåvarp (jewelry), Tore Gimle (furniture and knives). Official opening by Bente Erichsen with music by Isa Katharina Gericke (soprano) and Christian Ihle Hadland.

Venue: Glasslåven (Glass Barn), Granavollen

2:30 PM

Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer – Concert


Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer (voice) and Espen Alfred Leite (accordian) present an exciting concert at the Hadeland Folk Museum. Ruth Wilhelmine Meyer is a vocal adventurer.  Her wide vocal range which spans over 5 octaves has made her an award winning singer in many different arenas.  She will be accompanied by the exciting accordianist and composer Espen Alfred Leite, known for his international work with many orchestras in a multitude of genres.

Venue: Hadeland Folk Museum

8:00 PM

«Opera gala»

The best of the best!

billetter_R?ykenvik spesial

O Sole Mio, Der Hölle Rache, (Queen of the Night), etc… and glorious duets by six fabulous soloists: Matteo Lippi (Tenor), Darlene Ann Dobisch (Coloratura Soprano), Nina Gravrok (Soprano), Siv Misund (Mezzo Soprano), Yngve Søberg (Baritone) and Eli Kristin Hanssveen (Soprano).

Venue: Halvdan Svarte

More information will follow

11:00 PM

We bring Saturday to a close with an after-party in the Festival grounds with local food and drinks.  – FREE ADMISSION


1:00 PM


A singing game for youth choirs, youth soloists and bands.  Children from the youth choir “Serafen”, “His Angels” and “Holmentrol”, as well as those connected to Hadeland and Hadeland Cultural School will partake.

The profit “Miriam”, according to the Hebrew Bible, was the older sister of Moses and Aron.  She was 7 years older than Moses and 4 years older than Aron – and the oldest daughter of Amran and Jochebed from the Levi Tribe.

Venue: Halvdan Svarte

3:00 PM

“STARDUST” at Randsfjord Lake

Meet the next generation of classical performers.  It is with pride that we present Ingvild Loen (Soprano), Mikkel Fjeld Skorpen (Tenor), Lydia Bryngelsson (Soprano) and Christian Valle (Baritone).  Meet these upcoming opera stars in a luscious program.  Bjarne Sakshaug, who plays for the Norwegian Opera and Balllet, will be on the grand piano.

Venue: Halvdan Svarte